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And by man, we mean asset.

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We Are All Part of a Marketing Team



Whether, you’re an individual professional with a LinkedIn profile and Facebook page or are part of an organization’s dedicated marketing department – everyone is in the marketing game. Hey Red Communications is an additional asset to your team. Your team may consist of just you or of many. With over 20+ years’ marketing and communications experience, we bring a set of unbiased eyes to your marketing team; to your messaging and programs. We bring an extra set of hands in creating your lead generation programs, events and marketing look and feel. We bring another creative, results driven, client focused mind to the table to strategize and problem solve. Hey Red Communications specializes in personal and professional branding and re-branding. Let’s start with defining your brand – who you are and what you want your clients and colleagues to know and feel about you. Then, let’s move into marketing tactics to drive business objectives through your brand.

Why Hey Red Communications?



As the founder of Hey Red Communications, Amy Gaston’s 20+ year career reflects continual advancement, a depth of diversified leadership experience and consistent achievements in driving innovative, cost-effective marketing strategies, programs and initiatives that produce dynamic business results. She is dedicated to serving businesses and putting their needs first to help them grow. 

Colleagues and friends describe her: “Cool under pressure and tenaciously does what it takes to get the job done.” “Excellent consensus-building and negotiation skills.” “Someone who truly cares about her clients.” “Leads through mentoring and contagious enthusiasm.” ”Effective communicator and decision maker.” “Trustworthy, organized, highly respected.” “Interfaces positively at all levels.” Confident, kind, articulate and persuasive.” “Fun to work with. Great sense of humor.”

We're a team. We mean it.


We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve. We come with no judgment on budget or business size. We approach everyone with respect and a passion to help. Whether you are just starting out or need to redevelop your brand, we can work with you to create your brand story: a story that speaks to your target market and leads your business to success. One size does not fit all. We engage by project. By retainer. By the hour. Whatever works best with your needs. We didn’t get there alone, and neither will you.  


How We can Help

Driven by the psychology of marketing: understanding how and why people do what they do.


Flexible, scalable engagements. 


· Marketing strategy

           plan creation and execution 

· Personal branding

· Business branding and re-branding

· New product or service launch

· Marketing design

          look and feel creation


          business cards




· Writing

          executive ghost writing






·   Events 



          planning, budgeting

          on-site management

· Social media 

· Lead generation programs 

· Websites

· Collateral

· Public relations 

          crisis management

          media relations

· Research

· Staff recruitment and retention   



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We are all in this together right? Let's discover how we can help each other network and develop our relationships to increase our businesses, enhance our knowledge base, expand our sphere of influence and serve our communities.

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We believe that a business with a great marketing team of 1 or of many can make a bold, brilliant and positive impact. Take the first step and contact us and together, we can make it happen.

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